Pádraig Pearse

Pádraig Pearse (1879-1916) was a barrister, schoolteacher, poet, playwright as well as a prominent member of the Gaelic League, Irish Volunteers and eventually the Irish Republican Brotherhood. In 1916, the IRB alongside the Irish Citizen Army (ICA) led by James Connolly and Cumann na mBan staged the Easter Rising against British rule in Dublin. Following its eventual defeat, Pearse alongside fifteen other leaders of the rebellion were executed. Pearse today is beloved as a martyr and a hero and his collected writings and speeches are revered in Irish nationalist circles.


Gleo na gCath: Selected essays from An Claidheamh Soluis

The Political Writings and Speeches of Pádraig Pearse

Three Lectures on Gaelic Topics

Songs of the Irish Rebels

Specimens from an Irish Anthology

Belgium and Its Schools

Unfinished Autobiography

Collected Writings From An Macaomh

The Wandering Hawk

Aistí as an ‘mBarr Buaḋ’

Mo Ṫuairim Féin


Filíoċt an Ṗiarsaiġ / Poems

Scéalta / Stories

The Second Return of Oisín

An Ċoill / The Wood

In First-Century Ireland


The ‘Irish’ Literary Theatre (1899)

Here and There in Cork (1902)

Colum Wallace (1903)

The Education Question (1904)

The Be-All And The End-All (1904)

Essentials (1904)

‘Séadna’ and the Future of Irish Prose (1904)

The Philosophy of Education (1904)

Hungary and Ireland (1904)

Nationality and Gaelicism (1904)

Ulster (1904)

The Case For Irish (1905)

What Is A National Language? (1905)

Language and Nationality (1905)

About the United States (1905)

The National Holiday (1905)

Arguments in Mac Giolla Brighide Case (1905)

The Law and the Language (1905)

Review of ‘Beaṫa Aoḋa Uí Néill (1905)

Is The Language Dying? (1905)

How To Solve The Education Problem (1905)

Betlehem (1905)

Education in the ‘West of Ireland‘ (1905)

Leas-Ainmneaċa (1906)

The Art Revival (1906)

‘Seoda na Sean’; and Some Reflections (1906)

Nua-Litriḋeaċt (1906)

Folklore and the Zeitgeist (1906)

About Literature (1906)

Literature, Life and the Oireachtas Competitions (1906)

Traditionalism (1906)

An Act Of Faith (1906)

In My Garden (1906)

Aisling (1906)

The Peace of The Gael (1906)

The Individual (1906)

The Critic (1906)

The Seóinín (1906)

The Irish-Speaking Districts (1906)

Wanted—A New Crusade (1906)

Ós Cionn na Fairrge (1906)

The Church in the Gaedhealtacht (1906)

A Voice From The Grave (1906)

The Politician in the Gaedhealtacht (1906)

Wanted—An Irish-Speaking Public Body (1906)

What The District Councils Might Do (1906)

The English-Speaking Tradition (1906)

At Christmastide (1906)

Móra Ḋuit, a Ṫír Ár nDúṫċais (1906)

The Irish-Speaking Child (1907)

The Fire in the West (1907)

The Formation of Character (1907)

The Passing of Anglo-Irish Drama (1907)

Review of Seán Ua Ceallaigh’s ‘Brian Bóirmhe’ (1907)

The Stubborn Gael (1907)

Irish History (1907)

Misneach! (1907)

Focailín Leis na Páisdiḃ (1908)

The Future of Irish Art (1908)

La Fheile Padraic: Notes and Reflections (1908)

Sgoil Éanna Advertisement (1908)

Our Heritage of Chivalry (1908)

Is Irish A Living Language? (1908)

Ireland or West Britain (1909)

On Trial (1909)

A Matter Of Education (1909)

The School and the Nation (1910)

Lecture to Carrick-on-Suir Branch of the Gaelic League (1911)

Prospectus of An Barr Buadh (1912)

Some Aspects of Irish Literature (1912)

St. Enda’s (1913)

The Old Gray Mare (1913)

Speech at the Inaugural Meeting of the Irish Volunteers (1913)

Vision and Courage: The Gaelic League’s Place In Irish History (1914)

Appeal To Irish America For St. Enda’s Funding (1914)

Letter To The New York Evening Journal (1914)

Speech at Jenkinstown, County Louth (1914)

The Volunteers and The Language (1914)

The Issue (1914)

The Fianna of Fionn (1914)

Letter to the Irish Women’s Franchise League (1915)

The Dublin Brigade in Cuala (1915)

Litir go hlar-Ḋaltaí Scoile Íde (1915)

‘When We Fight We Fight For—’ (1916)

The Heart’s Desire (1916)

The Work Before Us (1916)

Manifesto To The Citizens of Dublin (1916)

Irish War News Vo. 1 (1916)

Final Address to Volunteers (1916)

The Order For Surrender (1916)

Letter To His Mother (1916)

Address to Court Martial (1916)

Final Letter to His Mother (1916)