Pádraig Pearse (1879-1916) was a barrister, schoolteacher, poet, playwright as well as a prominent member of the Gaelic League, Irish Volunteers and eventually the Irish Republican Brotherhood. In 1916, the IRB alongside the Irish Citizen Army (ICA) led by James Connolly and Cumann na mBan staged the Easter Rising against British rule in Dublin. Following its eventual defeat, Pearse alongside fifteen other leaders of the rebellion were executed. Pearse today is beloved as a martyr and a hero and his collected writings and speeches, known as The Coming Revolution, is revered in Irish nationalist circles.


The Coming Revolution

Songs of the Irish Rebels

Specimens from an Irish Anthology

Three Lectures on Gaelic Topics

Belgium and Its Schools



The Wandering Hawk

Collected Writings From An Macaomh


The “Irish” Literary Theatre (1899)

Here and There in Cork (1902)

The Be-All And The End-All (1904)

Ulster (1904)

What Is A National Language? (1905)

Language and Nationality (1905)

About the United States (1905)

The National Holiday (1905)

How To Solve The Education Problem (1905)

About Literature (1906)

In My Garden (1906)

The Passing of Anglo-Irish Drama (1907)

The Stubborn Gael (1907)

A Matter Of Education (1909)

Some Aspects of Irish Literature (1912)

The Fianna of Fionn (1914)

Manifesto To The Citizens of Dublin (1916)

Irish War News Vo. 1 (1916)

Final Address to Volunteers (1916)

The Order For Surrender (1916)

Letter To His Mother (1916)

Address to Court Martial (1916)

Final Letter to His Mother (1916)