Bold – book or pamphlet that contains chapters

Non-bold – essay, letter, article, speech etc

’82 and ’29 (1863) by Thomas Clarke Luby

A Bhean Lán de Stuaim by Seathrún Céitinn

A Collection of Irish Gaelic Folk Stories (1890) by Douglas Hyde

A Free People (1782) by Henry Grattan

A Jobber’s Jottings (1864) by Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa

A Letter To The Roman Catholics of the Diocese of Cloyne by George Berkeley

A Matter Of Education (1909) by Pádraig Pearse

A National Council (1847) by James Fintan Lalor

A National Organisation (1899) by Arthur Griffith

A New Nation (1847) by James Fintan Lalor

A Plea For Irish Legislative Independence (1780) by Henry Grattan

A Plea For The Irish Language (1886) by Douglas Hyde

A Practical Suggestion: The G.A.A. in Ulster (1897) by Patrick James Devlin

A Recent Irish Literature (1901) by William Rooney

A Song For The Future (1848) by Captain John Mitchel

A Song of Sorrow by Charles Gavan Duffy

A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge (1710) by George Berkeley

A Vision of Connaught in the Thirteenth Century (1846) by James Clarence Mangan

A Word About Irish Athletics (1884) by Michael Cusack

A Word For Munster (1898) by James Connolly

A Word to the Wise: Or, An Exhortation to the Roman Catholic Clergy of Ireland, by A Member of the Established Church. (1749) by George Berkeley

About Literature (1906) by Pádraig Pearse

About Plays and Play-Acting (1907) by Éamonn Ceannt

Account of the Late Plan of Insurrection in Dublin, And Cause of its Failure (1803) by Robert Emmet

Address at Wolfe Tone Commemoration in Bodenstown (1932) by Seán Russell

Address delivered in League Hall, St Anne Street, Liverpool (1882) by Michael Davitt

Address delivered in the Free Trade Hall, Manchester (1882) by Michael Davitt

Address in Carnegie Hall, New York (1905) by Douglas Hyde

Address in San Francisco (1906) by Douglas Hyde

Address to Kaiser Wilhelm II (1914) by Clan na Gael

Address to the College Historical Society (1840) by Thomas Davis

Address To The Irish Confederation, 7th April, 1847 by Thomas Devin Reilly

Address To The Irish Confederation, 21st April, 1847 by Thomas Devin Reilly

Address To The People of Ireland (1796) by Wolfe Tone

Advance of Imperialism (1899) by Arthur Griffith

“Advanced” Nationalism (1900) by William Rooney

Adventures in Connacht and Ulster (1589) by Francisco de Cuéllar

Aisling by Aogán Ó Rathaille

Aistí as an ‘mBarr Buadh’ (1912) by Pádraig Pearse

An Act Of Faith (1906) by Pádraig Pearse

An Argument on Behalf of the Catholics of Ireland (1791) by Wolfe Tone

An Croppy, Cead Bliadhain O Shoin (1898) by Douglas Hyde

An Dán Breac (c. 17th cent.) by Séamas Dall Mac Cuarta

An Ghaedhealg (c. 17th cent.) by Seathrún Céitinn

An Irish Blackguard (1915) by James Connolly

An Irish Psychology (1913) by “Mughdhorn”

An Irish Republican Parliamentary Party (1897) by Patrick MacManus

An Londubh Báite (c. 17th cent.) by Séamas Dall Mac Cuarta

An Spailpín Fánach by File Anaithnid

An t-Abhseán Duthchais de’n Transbhaal (1899) by File Anaithnid

An Táin Bó Cuailgne by Lucy Winifred Faraday

An Ulsterman For Ireland (1848) by John Mitchel

Anglo-Irish Treaty (1921) by Dáil Éireann

Aoibhinn bheith i mBinn Éadair (c. 14th cent. or later) by File Anaithnid

Appeal To Irish America For St. Enda’s Funding (1914) by Pádraig Pearse

Appeal to the Irish in America and Elsewhere (1879) by Charles Stewart Parnell

Are We Creating Speakers? (1904) by Éamonn Ceannt

Arguments in Mac Giolla Brighide Case (1905) by Pádraig Pearse

Arthur Griffith: Sinn Féin Theorist (1922) by Charles-Marie Garnier

Arthur Griffith’s Last Statement (1922) by Arthur Griffith

At Christmastide (1906) by Pádraig Pearse

Athletics (1884) by The Irishman

Athletics And Other Things (1900) by William Rooney

Barún Bhaile Shláinghe (c. 17th cent.) by Séamas Dall Mac Cuarta

Beannacht Bóinne (c. 17th cent.) by Séamas Dall Mac Cuarta

Beatha (1898) by Douglas Hyde

Belgium and Its Schools by Pádraig Pearse

Betsy Gray by Unknown Author

Bhailintín Brún by Aogán Ó Rathaille

Bhaillseach Bhaile Fágán (c. 17th cent.) by Séamas Dall Mac Cuarta

Boer and Uitlander (1899-1902) by Arthur Griffith

Bolg an tSolair (1795) by United Irishmen

Books For The Irish People (1893) by Charles Gavan Duffy

Boolavogue by Patrick Joseph McCall

Boy Scouts: Organising Notes (1914) by Liam Mellows

Brian Boru’s Speech at Clontarf (1014) by Brian Boru

Burn London (1885) by Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa

By Memory Inspired by Unknown Author

Can Irish Republicans Be Politicians? (1896) by James Connolly

Can We Gaelicise Ireland? (1914) by The O’Rahilly

Caoineadh Airt Uí Laoghaire by Eibhlín Dhubh Ní Chonaill

Cé Sin ar mo Thuama? by File Anaithnid

Ceasefire of 1597 by Aodh Ó Néill

Ceithre Ráithe Na Bliana (c. 17th cent.) by Séamas Dall Mac Cuarta

Charles Kickham’s Narrative of 1848 (1882) by Charles Joseph Kickham

Charles Kickham’s Speech From The Dock (1866) by Charles Joseph Kickham

Chivalry (1914) by Roger Casement

Cill Chais by File Anaithnid

Citizenship (1927) by Constance Markievicz

Civilised Nationhood: Reached Through The Volunteers (1914) by Joseph Plunkett

Clearing Decks (1848) by James Fintan Lalor

Cluichí by Pádraig Pearse

Collected Writings From An Macaomh (1909-1913) by Pádraig Pearse

Columcille Cecenit by Colmcille

Columcille Fecet by Colmcille

Combinations of Workmen (1848) by Thomas Devin Reilly

Cómhairle ‘An Chraoibhín’ do Lucht Ceaptha Drámaí do Dhaoine Óga (1938) by Douglas Hyde

Comhairle Shéamuis Mhic Cuarta do Bheitigh Ní Mharcaigh, Bean Leanna (c. 17th cent.) by Séamas Dall Mac Cuarta

Command to the Army of Ulster, 6th June 1798 by Henry Joy McCracken

Communique From The Four Courts (1922) by Irish Republican Army

Conditions of Women in English Jails (1922) by Constance Markievicz

Confederate Oath of Association (1642) by Confederate Ireland

Constitution of Cumann na mBan (1914) by Cumann na mBan

Constitution of the IRB Supreme Council (1873) by Irish Republican Brotherhood

Constitution of the Irish Citizen Army (1914) by Irish Citizen Army

Constitution of the Irish Confederation (1847) by Irish Confederation

Constitution of the National Council (1905) by Sinn Féin

Constitution of the United Irishmen (1797) by United Irishmen

Cork Address (1885) by Charles Stewart Parnell

Correspondence Between Éamon de Valera and David Lloyd George (1921) by Dáil Éireann

Correspondence of Thomas Devin Reilly (1853) by Thomas Devin Reilly

Countermanding Order To Volunteers (1916) by Eoin MacNeill

Créaċta Críċ Fódla – The Wounds of the Land of Fodla by Aogán Ó Rathaille

Cuig’ Uladh (1896) by Douglas Hyde

D’Aithle na bhFileadh – Gone Are All The Noble Poets (circa late 1600s) by Dáibhí Ó Bruadair

Death Before Dishonour; Or The Four Irish Soldiers by William Sampson

Declaration of Independence (1919) by Dáil Éireann

Declaration of Owen O’Neill and Ulster Party Against the Cessation (1648) by Eoghan Ruadh Ó Néill

Declaration of the United Irishmen (1791) by United Irishmen

Declaration of the Volunteers of Belfast (1791) by United Irishmen

Demands of the Irish Rebels (1641) by Confederate Ireland

Democratic Programme (1919) by Dáil Éireann

Dispatches: Letters Between Ireland and Spain (1593-1602) by Aodh Ó Néill and Aodh Ruadh Ó Domhnaill

Do Shiúlaigh Mise an Mhumhan Mhín by Aogán Ó Rathaille

Domhnall Cam Ó Súilleabháin Bhéara’s Address To His Followers (1603) by Domhnall Cam Ó Súilleabháin Bhéara

Dónall Óg by File Anaithnid

Donegore Hill by James Orr

Dornán Dán (1917) by Aodh de Blácam

Doubters and Shams! (1864) by Thomas Clarke Luby

Dr. Cullen’s Late Pastoral (1864) by Charles Joseph Kickham

Dr Douglas Hyde’s Greeting to the Gaels of America (1905) by Douglas Hyde

Dúithche Chréamhaoin nó Grianán Bhaile Uí Cheallaigh (c. 17th cent.) by Séamas Dall Mac Cuarta

Éamonn Ceannt’s Final Statement (1916) by Éamonn Ceannt

Early Bardic Literature (1879) by Standish O’Grady

Easter, 1916 (1916) by W.B. Yeats

Ecclesiastical Authority (1864) by Charles Joseph Kickham

Education in the “West of Ireland” (1905) by Pádraig Pearse

Éire ag Gaedhil Arís! (1911) by File Anaithnid

Emigration – How To Stay It (1900) by William Rooney

English Liberal Government in Ireland (1846) by Thomas Francis Meagher

English Literature and Irish Humbug (1899) by D.P Moran

“English Rule” (1846) by John Mitchel

Ennis Speech (1880) by Charles Stewart Parnell

Epigram by Charles Gavan Duffy

Epigram (II) by Charles Gavan Duffy

Epitaph of Owen Roe O’Neill (c. 1649-1653) by Giovanni Battista Rinuccini

Erin’s Hope (1897) by James Connolly

Essay On The State of Ireland in 1720 (1790) by Wolfe Tone

Essay On The State of Ireland in 1790 (1790) by Wolfe Tone

Ethnology of the Irish Race by Thomas Davis

Evening on a Tipperary Hillside by John Locke

Excommunication of the Irish Republican Brotherhood by Pope Pius IX (1870) by Roman Catholic Church

Extracts From The Writings of Rev. James Porter (1796-1797) by Rev. James Porter

Fag a Bealaċ by Charles Gavan Duffy

Fáilte ’on Éan (c. 17th cent.) by Séamas Dall Mac Cuarta

Faith of a Felon (1848) by James Fintan Lalor

Famine (1846) by John Mitchel

Fenians (1865) by John Mitchel

Fianna Constitution (1913) by na Fianna Éireann

Fianna Éireann and the 1921 Treaty (1924) by Constance Markievicz

Filíocht an Phiarsaigh by Pádraig Pearse

Filleadh na Féinne / The Return of the Fenians (1914) by Douglas Hyde

Final Letter (1916) by Seán Heuston

Final Letter Before Execution (1916) by Seán Mac Diarmada

Final Letter To His Mother (1916) by Pádraig Pearse

Final Letter To His Sister (1916) by Seán Heuston

Final Letters To His Wife (1798) by Wolfe Tone

Final Letter To The People of Tipperary (1875) by John Mitchel

First Consul’s Response to Thomas Addis Emmet (1803) by Napoleon

Felon-Setting (1863) by James Stephens

Fenian War Plan to Invade Canada (1866) by the Irish Republican Brotherhood

Fenianism Metamorphosed (1865) by Charles Joseph Kickham

“Fenians” in Parliament (1878) by Charles Joseph Kickham

Fleshpots of Empires Speech (1922) by Liam Mellows

Folklore and the Zeitgeist (1906) by Pádraig Pearse

For God and Spain: The Truth About the Spanish War (1936) by Aodh de Blácam

For Land and Life! (1848) by John Mitchel

For The Chief Officer Commanding in Dundalk, 12th September, 1649 by Oliver Cromwell

Four Courts Proclamation (1922) by Irish Republican Army

Founding of the United Irishman (1899) by Arthur Griffith

Freedom’s Dead by William Rooney

Friedrich List (1917) by Arthur Griffith

From Clontarf To Berlin: National Status in Sport (1914) by Roger Casement

From The State Prisoners to Their Friends, 11th May 1797 by Henry Joy McCracken

Fuath-Na-Gall (1897) by Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa

Gaedhil Fé Riaghaltas Gaedheal (1912) by File Anaithnid

Gaelicism In Practice (1901) by William Rooney

Galway Speech (1880) by Charles Stewart Parnell

Geadh Eigean Fulang – Although I Needs Must Bear With (1693-94) by Dáibhí Ó Bruadair

Gearrán Bhriain Uí Bheirn (c. 17th cent.) by Séamas Dall Mac Cuarta

General Humbert’s Reports to the Executive Directory of France (1798) by Jean Joseph Amable Humbert

General Munroe by Unknown Author

Gile na Gile by Aogán Ó Rathaille

Glimpses of an Irish Felon’s Prison Life (1922) by Tom Clarke

God Save Ireland (1867) by Timothy Daniel Sullivan

Grievances to King Philip III of Spain (1602) by Aodh Ruadh Ó Domhnaill

Henry Joy McCracken (1896) by Patrick Joseph McCall

Here and There in Cork (1902) by Pádraig Pearse

Heroic Ireland by Aodh de Blácam

Hoche’s Proclamation To The French Army (1796) by Lazare Hoche

How We Won The Fianna Trials (1926) by Constance Markievicz

Humbert’s Proclamation To The Irish People (1798) by Jean Joseph Amable Humbert

Hungary and Ireland (1904) by Pádraig Pearse

In Defence of Abstentionism (1918) by Arthur Griffith

In Favour Of The Repeal of The Union (1843) by Daniel O’Connell

In My Garden (1906) by Pádraig Pearse

Individual and National Freedom (1900) by William Rooney

Inspirations from Mitchel (1899) by Unknown Author

Invective Against Corry (1800) by Henry Grattan

Ireland and the Arts (1903) by W.B. Yeats

Ireland and the German Menace (1912) by Roger Casement

Ireland For The Irish; Or Ireland With The English? (1878) by Irish Republican Brotherhood

Ireland, France and Prussia (1866-71) by John Mitchel

Ireland’s Case For Independence (1919) by Dáil Éireann

Irish Athletics (1884) by Maurice Davin

Irish Brigade Manifesto (1899) by John MacBride

Irish Doctrinaires (1863) by Charles Joseph Kickham

Irish-German Treaty (1914) by Roger Casement

“Irish Ireland.” (1901) by Arthur Griffith

Irish Literature: Its Origin, Environment and Influence by George Sigerson

Irishmen’s Business (1899) by Arthur Griffith

Irish Nationalism and the Irish Language (1901) by Arthur Griffith

Irish Nationality (1911) by Alice Stopford Green

Irish Topography (1900) by William Rooney

Irish War News Vo. 1 (1916) by Pádraig Pearse

Irish Witchcraft and Demonology (1913) by St. John. D. Seymour

Irish Youth and English Whiggery (1846) by Thomas Francis Meagher

Is An Anglo-Irish Literature Possible? (1901) by William Rooney

Is Fada Liom Oíche Fhírfhliuch by Aogán Ó Rathaille

Is Fada Mé ’mo Luí i Lughbhaidh (c. 17th cent.) by Séamas Dall Mac Cuarta

Is Irish A Living Language? (1908) by Pádraig Pearse

Is Nationality Selfish? (1846) by Thomas Devin Reilly

Is The Language Dying? (1905) by Pádraig Pearse

Is There An Anglo-Irish Literature? (1899) by William Rooney

Jacta Alea Est (1848) by Charles Gavan Duffy

Jail Journal by John Mitchel

John Mitchel, Patriot and Exile by Unknown Author

John Mitchel’s Election Manifesto (1875) by John Mitchel

John Mitchel’s Petition To The Houses of Parliament (1848) by John Mitchel

John Mitchel’s Speech From The Dock (1848) by John Mitchel

John Mitchel’s Speech To The Electors of Tipperary (1875) by John Mitchel

July the 12th (1913) by James Connolly

Karonghyontye’s Letter To Lord Edward FitzGerald (1789) addressed to Lord Edward FitzGerald

Labour In Dublin (1913) by James Connolly

Labour In Irish History (1910) by James Connolly

Labour, Nationality and Religion (1910) by James Connolly

Language and Nationality (1905) by Pádraig Pearse

Larkin, The Fianna and the King’s Visit (1923) by Constance Markievicz

Last Statement (1916) by James Connolly

Leaves From A Journal (1863) by Charles Joseph Kickham

Lecture to Carrick-on-Suir Branch of the Gaelic League (1911) by Pádraig Pearse

Let Me Carry Your Cross For Ireland, Lord (1916) by Thomas Ashe

Letter by Pope Urban VIII to Eoghan Ruadh Ó Néill (1642) by Roman Catholic Church

Letter From Wexford Gaol (1798) by Bagenal Harvey

Letter From William Roberts, 11 June 1866 by Irish Republican Brotherhood

Letters of Shane O’Neill (1561) by Shane O’Neill

Letter to Baron de Ginkel (1691) by Patrick Sarsfield

Letter to Charles Gavan Duffy (1847) by James Fintan Lalor

Letter To Charles Gavan Duffy (1848) by John Mitchel

Letter To Colonel Roberts and John Savage (1868) by John Mitchel

Letter to Dónall Ó Néill (1645) by Eoghan Ruadh Ó Néill

Letter To Editor of Freeman’s Journal (1879) by John Devoy

Letter To Father John Kenyon (1857) by John Mitchel

Letter To Father Luke Wadding, 8th July, 1640 by Eoghan Ruadh Ó Néill

Letter to Father Luke Wadding, 7th June, 1642 by Eoghan Ruadh Ó Néill

Letter to Father Luke Wadding, 18th June, 1642 by Eoghan Ruadh Ó Néill

Letter To Father Luke Wadding, 18th May, 1642 by Eoghan Ruadh Ó Néill

Letter to George Clarke, Secretary-at-War (1691) by Patrick Sarsfield

Letter to Henry Joy, 7th November 1796 by Henry Joy McCracken

Letter to His Brother John, 13th December 1796 by Henry Joy McCracken

Letter To His Mother (1916) by Pádraig Pearse

Letter to His Sister, 10th January 1797 by Henry Joy McCracken

Letter to His Sister, 8th April 1797 by Henry Joy McCracken

Letter to His Sister, 24th April 1797 by Henry Joy McCracken

Letter to His Sister, 9th June 1797 by Henry Joy McCracken

Letter to His Sister, 19th November 1797 by Henry Joy McCracken

Letter to His Sister, 18th June 1798 by Henry Joy McCracken

Letter To Hon. Benjamin Wood (1865) by John Mitchel

Letter to James Fintan Lalor (1848) by John Mitchel

Letter To John Devoy (1914) by Tom Clarke

Letter to John Mitchel (1847) by James Fintan Lalor

Letter to John Philpot Curran (1803) by Robert Emmet

Letter To John Rothe (1536) by Silken Thomas

Letter To John Templeton, June 5, 1802 by Thomas Russell

Letter to King Charles I (1646) by Eoghan Ruadh Ó Néill

Letter To Lord Lieutenant Ormond, 17th June, 1644 by Eoghan Ruadh Ó Néill

Letter to Lord Lieutenant Ormond (1646) by Eoghan Ruadh Ó Néill

Letter to Mac Cárthaigh Mór (1601) by Aodh Ó Néill

Letter to Major Harrison (1646) by Eoghan Ruadh Ó Néill

Letter To Marshal Berthier (1804) by Napoleon

Letter To Michael Cusack, December 17, 1884 by Charles Stewart Parnell

Letter To Michael Cusack, December 18th, 1884 by Thomas Croke

Letter To Michael Cusack, December 21st, 1884 by Michael Davitt

Letter To Minister of Marine (1804) by Napoleon

Letter To O’Brien, Earl of Thomond (1536) by Silken Thomas

Letter to Richard Curran (1803) by Robert Emmet

Letter to Sarah Curran (1803) by Robert Emmet

Letter To The British Commanding Officer at Ross (1798) by Bagenal Harvey

Letter To The Burgomasters and Senate of Hamburg (1798) by Napoleon

Letter To The Citizens of Dublin (1848) by Thomas Devin Reilly

Letter to the Editor of the United Irishman (1848) by James Clarence Mangan

Letter To The Executive Directory of the French Republic (1798) by Wolfe Tone

Letter to the Irish Confederation (1848) by John Mitchel

Letter To The Irish People, 17th September 1914 by Roger Casement

Letter to the John MacBride Club of Dublin (1902) by John MacBride

Letter to the Marquis of Ormond (1649) by Eoghan Ruadh Ó Néill

Letter To The Nation (1863) by John Mitchel

Letter To The New York Evening Journal (1914) by Pádraig Pearse

Letter To The New York Herald (1875) by John Mitchel

Letter To The Survivors of the Irish in Ireland Under Forty Years of Age (1854) by John Mitchel

Letter to Thomas Addis Emmet (1803) by Robert Emmet

Letter To United Ireland (1885) by Charles Stewart Parnell

Letter To United Ireland, October 25th, 1884 by Michael Cusack

Letter To Viscount Barry (1600) by Aodh Ó Néill

Letter to William Wickham (1803) by Robert Emmet

Letter upon Arrival in Paris, October 30th, 1792 by Lord Edward FitzGerald

Letters Not Found on Mellows (1917) by Liam Mellows

Letters of a Protestant On Repeal by Thomas Davis

Let Us Free Ireland! (1899) by James Connolly

Liam Mellows – Pioneer (1926) by Constance Markievicz

Liberty Or Destruction (1864) by Charles Joseph Kickham

Life of Patrick Sarsfield, Earl of Lucan (1895) by John Todhunter

Literary and Historical Essays by Thomas Davis

Litir chuig Mac Cochláin (1600) by Aodh Ó Néill

Litir chuig Sagart Anaithnid (1642) by Rós Ní Dhochartaigh

Litir go hlar-Dhaltaí Scoile Íde (1915) by Pádraig Pearse

London Bridge (1885) by Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa

Lon Dubh Loch Lao (c. 800-900) by File Anaithnid

Love Song by Charles Gavan Duffy

MacNeven’s Proclamation (1804) by United Irishmen

Máire Ní Mhaoileoin by File Anaithnid

Major John MacBride on the Manchester Martyrs (1911) by John MacBride

Manifesto of the Irish Volunteers (1913) by Irish Volunteers

Manifesto to the Boys of Ireland (1912) by Fianna Éireann

Manifesto To The Citizens of Dublin (1916) by Pádraig Pearse

Manifesto To The Friends of Freedom in Ireland (1791) by United Irishmen

Marching Song of Feagh MacHugh / Follow Me Up To Carlow (1899) by Patrick Joseph McCall

Marching Song of the Irish Volunteers (1913) by Thomas MacDonagh

Margaret Pearse’s Speech on the Treaty (1922) by Margaret Pearse


Mellows Nails Flynn’s Lies (1917) by Liam Mellows

Memoirs of James Hope (1847) by James Hope

Memorials To The French Government (1796) by Wolfe Tone

Memories of the King’s Visit, 1911 (1923) by Constance Markievicz

Message to the Free Nations of the World (1919) by Dáil Éireann

Michael Larkin’s Speech From The Dock (1867) by Manchester Martyrs

Michael O’Brien’s Speech From The Dock (1867) by Manchester Martyrs

Military Proclamation in the Irish Language (1601) by Aodh Ó Néill

Mionn by Pádraig Pearse

Mitchel’s Letter to Lord Clarendon (1848) by John Mitchel

Mitchel’s Letter To Lord John Russell On The Treason Felony Bill (1848) by John Mitchel

Mo Bheannacht Leat, a Scríbhinn by Seathrún Céitinn

Mo Ghrádh Iad Finíní Tréana (1911) by File Anaithnid

Mo Thuairim Féin (1915) by Pádraig Pearse

Morning on the Irish Coast by John Locke

Mr. Arthur Griffith and the Sinn Féin Organisation (1923) by Constance Markievicz

Mr. Haughton To Mr. Meagher (1854) by John Mitchel

My Dark Rosaleen (1846) by James Clarence Mangan

Nach Ait an Nós – How Queer This Mode (c. 1643) by Dáibhí Ó Bruadair

Napoleon and Ireland (1900) by Arthur Griffith

Nationality and Gaelicism (1904) by Pádraig Pearse

Next Year’s Famine (1847) by John Mitchel

Ninety-Eight (1911) by The O’Rahilly

No-Rent Manifesto (1881) by Irish National Land League

North-East Ulster (1913) by James Connolly

Notes For A Lecture on Ancient Irish Literature (1913) by Thomas MacDonagh

O’Donnell Abu (1843) by Michael Joseph McCann

Oath of the Irish Republican Brotherhood (1859) by Irish Republican Brotherhood

Oaths of the United Irish Army of Wexford (1798) by Bagenal Harvey

Óm Sceol ar Ardmháigh Fáil by Seathrún Céitinn

On Authority (1901) by Arthur Griffith

Ón Dtalamh Sin – From The Land Where I Resided (1691) by Dáibhí Ó Bruadair

On Guerrilla Warfare (1798) by Lord Edward FitzGerald

On The English Connection (1790) by Wolfe Tone

On the Forged Letter Printed in the London Times (1887) by Charles Stewart Parnell

On the Home Rule Bill (1886) by Charles Stewart Parnell

On The Internationale (1872) by John Mitchel

On The Irish Land League (1889) by Michael Davitt

On The Necessity of Domestic Union (1790) by Wolfe Tone

On The New Departure (1878) by Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa

On The Union (1846) by Thomas Francis Meagher

On Women’s Franchise (1922) by Constance Markievicz

Oration for Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa (1915) by Fr. Michael O’Flanagan

Oration at Casement Fort (1917) by Thomas Ashe

Oration at John O’Mahony’s Funeral (1877) by Charles Joseph Kickham

Oration on the Second Anniversary of Murder of Fianna Cole and Colley (1924) by Constance Markievicz

Other People’s Opinions, October 4th, 1897 (1897) by James Connolly

Our National Anthem (1901) by Arthur Griffith

“Our Native Parliament.” (1899) by William Rooney

Our Patriot Prelate (1862) by Charles Joseph Kickham

Our Peasant Poetry (1898) by William Rooney

Our Songs and Songsters (1899) by William Rooney

Ourselves (1909) by Arthur Griffith

Owen Roe O’Neill (1896) by John Francis Taylor

Owen Roe’s Speech At Benburb (1646) by Eoghan Ruadh Ó Néill

Pangur Bán (circa 9th c.) by File Anaithnid

Papal Bull of Indulgence from Pope Clement VIII (1600) by Roman Catholic Church

Parliamentarianism? (1900) by William Rooney

Parnell’s Last Public Speech (1891) by Charles Stewart Parnell

Parting Address to the Irish Brigade (1863) by Thomas Francis Meagher

Patriotism and Labour (1897) by James Connolly

Phases of Irish History (1920) by Eoin MacNeill

Physical Force in Irish Politics (1899) by James Connolly

Poetical Works by Thomas Davis

Political Articles by Thomas Davis

Political Economy For Ireland (1846) by John Mitchel

Preface to William Rooney’s Poems and Ballads (1901) by Arthur Griffith

Presentation of the Irish Tricolour (1848) by Thomas Francis Meagher

Priests And Politics (1864) by Charles Joseph Kickham

Priests In Politics (1865) by Charles Joseph Kickham

Principles of Freedom (1921) by Terence MacSwiney

Proclamation of Dungannon (1641) by Féilim Ó Néill

Proclamation of the Irish Republic (1803) by Robert Emmet

Proclamation of the Irish Republic (1867) by the Irish Republican Brotherhood

Proclamation of the Irish Republic (1916) by the Irish Republican Brotherhood

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