Featured as advertisement in Sinn Féin, March 2, 1912.

The first number of An Barr Buadh, a new Irish political weekly, will appear on 14th March, 1912.

AN BARR BUADH will advocate the political independence of Ireland, and will preach the elementary political truth that the liberty of a people can be guaranteed only by its readiness and ability to vindicate it in arms.

AN BARR BUADH will not be identified with any existing political organisation. It will be friendly and tolerant, though candid, in its criticism of Irish leaders and parties, and will aim at uniting all Irish forces in a progressive national movement, whether under Home Rule or in its absence.

Claiming as it will to express authentic Irish nationalism, AN BARR BUADH will be written in the national language.

AN BARR BUADH will be the smallest of Irish papers, but every line of it will be alive.