Articles prescribed to therle of Tyrone by the Lord Lieftenaunt generall and his assistants the Lord Bushop of Meath and Sir Geffery Fenton knight. The performance of articles the said Erle hath promised upon his honour and creditte to the uttermost of his power, and hath subscribed the articles with his hand, the xxii of December 1597.

That the said Earle both for himself and all others whome he pretendeth to haue taken parte with him in his disloyalty shall faithfully keepe her maiesties peace without any wilful breach, to all her maiesties subiects during the tyme of the abstinence of warr which is viii weeks from the day of the date hereof.

That he shall immediately call out of Leinster all such of Ulster as were sent thether by his direccion aswell captens as soldiers and all others whosoever and shall suffer none of them willingly to his knowledge to remayne in Leinster nor the English Pale during the tyme aforesaid.

That if any person or persons during this tyme of abstinence of warr haue or shall break into accion of rebellion against her maiesty in any parte of the realme, that the said Erle shall not minister any ayde, councell or assistaunce to them or any of them nor haue any thinge to deale with them but to leaue them to be prosecuted by her maiesties forces in sort as yt shall please the lord lieftenaunt generall.

That yf therle during this tyme of abstinence shall send to buy any prouision of victualls in thenglish Pale for himself or his, that such as he shall employ therein shall bring an attestacion under his hand in writing shewing that they are sent by him, and that yt shalbe lawfull for them to buy vittles upon condicion that any her maiesties subiects may buy vittles or any other comodities in Ulster, and that thulster men shall not come in troopes, or great companies armed, whereby to take meat and drincke of her maiesties subiects by violence.

That upon any supposed wronge or provocacion to be donn upon the said Erle or any of his by any of her maiesties garrisons or any other of her subiects during the abstinence of warr, the Earle nor any of his shall inter into any revenge of the said supposed provocacion either directly or indirectly but shall cause the same to enformed with the prooffs to the Lords Justices and lieftenaunt generall who will take a course for his redresse therein according to the right and equity and the lyke measure to be given to him.

That during this tyme of abstinence of armes he nor none of his shall intertaine any practise contract or other intelligence whatsoever with the king of Spaine or any of his ministers or any other forrein nacion whatsoever and in case he shall receave from Spaine or any other forrein place any letters, messages or direccions or other intelligence that he shall withall possible speed acquaint the state therewith or the Lord Lieftenaunt generall which wilbe interpreted as a good token of his duty and conformity to her maiesty.

That where the said Earle hath now made humble suite unto us as appeareth in his submission that his greevaunces and complaints might be made knowen to her maiesty so sone as he shall booke the same and deliuer them to me the lord lieftenaunt generall, or to any other by my appointment, we will see them faithfully transcripted to her maiesty: And herein we require the said Earle not to pester his booke of complaints with matters frivolous or unnecessary but to insert such causes as are meet for a Princes view and such as he can substancyally proue.

That the Erle according his promise to me the lord livetenaunt generall shall deliver presently into the forte of the Blackwater xl beoves and shall send a saffconduct with her maiesties vittles and municions to be nowe sent unto the said fforte of Blackwater: And that he shall suffer the soldiers of the same to cutt and bring in wood or any other necessary thinge for their provision: The wood to be assigned by therle within a myle of the forte and therle to give saffconduct to the soldiers for cutting and bringing in their wood. And likewaies so often as occasion shalbe to carry any matter from the Newry or any other place to the forte during this truce: that therle shall from tyme to tyme send saffconduct for the saffetiy thereof. They geving warninge before to therle to thend to send a saffconduct as aforesaid.

That any pray or bodragg to be taken out of thenglish Pale to the fues, ferney or other parte of the north the same being trackted thither: Therle of Tyrone promiseth to cause restitution to be made of the said spoyles as soone as the same shall be proved before the commissioners. And the theeves to be delivered to be executed: The lyke course to be held for any spoyles to be taken from thearle of Tyrone or any of his dependaunts by any of the army, or any other of the Pale. Yf any man be stopped from following of his tracte, the partie geving him impediment to aunswere the goods so tracted.

Hugh Tyrone

SP63/201, no.117(ii)