Aodh Mór Ó Néill (c. 1550-1616), anglicised Hugh O’Neill, was a Gaelic politician and leader of the Irish confederation during the Nine Years War. He took power initially as Baron of Dungannon, then as Earl of Tyrone, but broke with English titles and became Ó Néill, chief of his clan. Most well known for his leading role in the Nine Years War and his enduring alliance with Aodh Ruadh Ó Domhnaill, after a string of military victories he was defeated at Kinsale. He left Ireland during the Flight of the Earls and spent his remaining days in Rome.


Dispatches: Letters Between Ireland and Spain

Ceasefire of 1597

War Aims

Litir Ċuig Mac Coċláin

Proclamation to the Irishry of Munster (1596)

Speech at The Battle of Yellow Ford (1598)

To The Catholics of the Towns in Ireland (1599)

Letter To Viscount Barry (1600)

Military Proclamation in the Irish Language (1601)

Letter to Mac Cárthaigh Mór (1601)