The most humble and penitent submission of me Hugh Erle of Tyrone presented in myne owne person to the right honourable therle of Ormond and Ossory, Lord Leftenaunt generall of all her maiesties forces and armyes in Ireland hauing for his assistaunce in this accion the Lord Bushop of Meath and Sir Geffery Fenton knight ii of her maiesties priuie counsell within this Realme.

Where I Hugh Erle of Tyrone upon my former submissions made to her maiesties commissioners before, haue thereupon receaued her maiesties most gracious and free pardon to myself and all thinhabitaunts of Tyrone wherein I confess her maiesty bestowed asmuch grace and mercy on me as a Prince cold do upon a subiect that had so highly offended her highnes, notwithstanding having of late estsoones fallen into the lyke crymes of disobedience and disloyalty against her sacred maiesty, and thereby haue justly provoked her maiesties uttermost displeasure and indignacion against me: now in your lords presence I do here acknowledge upon the knees of my hart that I am most sorry for this my late relapse and defeccion and do most humbly from the bottome of my hart repent me of the same: beseeching your lord and the rest to be a meane to her maiesty, that I may be once againe receaued to her maiesties mercy and pardon, to contynue in the duty of a faithfull and true subiect so long as I shall liue. And I most humbly besech your lord and the rest, that you wilbe lykewaies a meane to make knowen to her majesty my seuerall greevances, soch as haue bin don to me and myne by some of her maiesties ministers which though yt ought to be no cause to haue drawen me to breake my obedience and duty to hir maiesty yet yt may please her sacred maiesty to see thereby the sondry haynous prouocacions I had and according to her rare and Princely wisedome to vouchsaffe in some measure to quallefie the haynousenes of my faults with the consideracion of the wrongs and hard dealings that many waies were used to me: And tyll these be booked and sent to her maiesty, and her maiesties gracious pleasure retorned for me I humbly craue a tyme of forbearing of armes for two months next following from the day of the date hereof, which for my parte, I do hereby undre my handwritinge and upon my creditt and honore promise your lord and the rest, to performe faithfully without breach not onely for myself and inhabitaunts of Tyrone but also for all the rest that haue taken parte with me in my disloyalty humbly praying your lord to geue order to all her maiesties garrisons and forces to do the lyke during the saide tyme of ii monethes: And for that her maiesty may see, that this proceedeth unfaynedly from my hart, I do also promise to your lord and the rest upon my honour and creditt, that touching the revittling of her maiesties forte of Blackwater there shalbe no impediment geven therein by me or any of myne but that your lord may send into that forte all soche supplies of vittles and municions, as yt shall please you during the saide tyme without raisinge her maiesties army for the same: And for a poore token of my duty and goodwill therein, I will presentely deliuer into the saide forte xl beoues of myne owne, and suffer the soldiers there, at any tyme during the tyme of the truice to fetch in wood, and all other necessary prouisions for them, and for the better assuraunce and performance hereof I will presently as I formerly promised to your lord deliuer in a sufficient pledge to your lords hands to remaine upon whose handes yt shall please you tyll the forte be vittled as aforesaid.

Hugh Tyrone

SP63/201, no.117(i)