The aunswere of the Erle of Tyrone to the articles prescribed unto him by the Lord Lieftenaunt generall and his assistants the Lord Bushop of Meath and Sir Geffery Fenton knight.

To the first he aggreeth so as the lyke be obserued by her maiesties subiects towards himself and all those that are in accion with him.

To the iid he aggreeth, saving onely, if any do stay with them of Leinster, contrary to his commaundment that they be used no otherwaies, then as they be with whome they remaine: he will send for all, and if any tarry he leaveth them to the lord generalls discrecion.

To the iiid he aggreeth so as none now depending on his truce be receaued or intertained by the lord lieftenaunt generall or the state during the truce without his consent.

To the iiiith he saith that he is contented that hir maiesties subiects shall buy necessaryes in Ulster so as his men and dependaunts may haue the like liberty to buy and sell amongst her highnesses subiects and that none of his side shall take meat or drincke forcebly in the Pale.

To the fifth he aggreeth so as he may have redress within tenn daies after complainte made thereof to the lord lieftenaunt generall or the lords justices and the lyke toleracion to be used towards the erle and his dependaunts untill tenn daies after notice geven hem, that redress be had of either side wheresoeuer any track shalbe left on unmanured or unhabited land.

To the vith he saith he will accomplish the same yf any cause of that waight come to his hands worth the sending during the truce.

To the viith he saith he will do his best endeuour therein as nere as he may in discrecion.

To the viiith he agreeth so as the wood be cutt at this side of the water next Armagh, and for any other thinge, that they first agree with thowners for the things they want and procure a man of therles to go with them when they looke for any necessaries and not themselues to go into any parte of the countrey not being accompanied with therles man.

To the ixth he agreeth

Hugh Tyrone

SP 63/201, no.112