Translation of a letter originally written in Irish, 6th July 1596. The letter has been converted from archaic to modern English. From Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts, 1589-1600, p. 179.

This writing doth manifest, on the behalf of O’Neill, O’Donnell, and McWilliam, that, they have given oath and vow that whosoever of the Irishry, especially of the gentlemen of Munster, or whosoever else, as if we did particularly name them, from the highest to the lowest, shall assist Christ’s Catholic religion, and join in confederacy and make war with us, let them, as our true messengers and agents, give firm credit to the Clanshyes, and to this our warrant that we send with them, that we will remain and be unto them a back or stay, warrant or surety, for their so abiding of God’s just cause; and, by our said oath and vow, never to conclude peace or war with the English for ourselves or any of us during our life, but that the like shall be concluded for you that shall so join in confederacy with us; and, if you should be driven to extremity, to relieve and enable you as ourselves in the cause thus intended. And again, give credit to these our trusty messengers that we send you.

At Strabane, the 6th of July 1596.
Signed: H. O’Neill, H. O’Donnell, B. O’Rourke, Theobald Bourke.