Aogán Ó Rathaille (c.1670–1726) was an Irish poet and ollamh. Born in Screathan an Mhíl, Co. Kerry he was trained in Latin, English, and Irish literature and history. He became a notable ollamh and toured the courts of the Irish chiefs, where he was a respected guest. As a young man he was dispossessed by the Cromwellian confiscations and made a destitute pauper. This was a source of great bitterness that drove his pen. He is credited with the creation of the Aisling, a genre of coded poetry in which a woman, typically a personification of Ireland, laments the condition of the Irish people and foretells the reversal of Irish fortunes.


Is Fada Liom Oíċe Ḟírḟliuċ

Do Ṡiúlaiġ Mise an Ṁuṁan Ṁín

Gile na Gile


Ḃailintín Brún

Créaċta Críċ Fódla – The Wounds of the Land of Fodla