Published by The Irish Press, 2 January, 1935.

Kilmainham Jail,
May 7, 1916.

Dear Mr. Walsh, – Before this note reaches you I shall have said farewell to this vale of tears and have departed for what I trust to be a much better world than this.

I take this last opportunity of thanking you and all my railway friends for their kindness over the past year. I ask you all to forgive me any offences which I may have committed against you, and I ask you to pray for the repose of my soul.

Whatever I have done I have done it as a soldier of Ireland in what I believe to be my country’s best interests. I thank God I have no vain regrets. After all it is better to be a corpse than a coward.

Won’t you see that my mother gets all the assistance you can get her and refund her the money from the Superannuation Fund? She will badly need it all.

Gratefully yours,