The fateful hour has come. At the dictation of our hereditary enemy our rightful cause is being treacherously assailed by recreant Irishmen. The crash of arms and the boom of artillery reverberate in this supreme test of the Nation’s destiny.

Gallant soldiers of the Irish Republic, stand rigorously firm in its defence, and worthily uphold their noblest traditions. The sacred spirits of the illustrious dead are with us in this great struggle. “Death before Dishonour” being an unchanging principle of our national faith as it was of theirs, still inspires us to emulate their glorious effort.

We therefore appeal to all citizens who have withstood unflinchingly the oppression of the enemy during the past six years to rally to the support of the Republic, and recognise that the resistance now being offered is but the continuance of the struggle that was suspended by the truce with the British. We especially appeal to our former comrades of the Irish Republic to return to that allegiance, and thus guard the Nation’s honour from the infamous stigma that her sons aided her foes in retaining a hateful domination over her.

Confident of victory and of maintaining Ireland’s Independence, this appeal is issued by the Army Executive on behalf of the Irish Republican Army.


Comdt.-Gen Liam Mellows
Comdt.-Gen Rory O’Connor
Comdt.-Gen Joe McKelvey
Comdt.-Gen Earnan O’Mallie
Comdt.-Gen Seamus Robinson
Comdt.-Gen Sean Moylan
Comdt.-Gen Michael Kilroy
Comdt.-Gen Frank Barrett
Comdt.-Gen Thomas Deerig
Comdt. Tom Barry
Col.-Comdt. F. O’Faolain
Brig.-Gen J O’Connor
Comdt. P O’Rutiless
Gen. Liam Lynch
Comdt.-Gen Liam Deasy
Col.-Comdt Peader O’Donnell

28th June, 1922.