The Irish Republican Army (IRA) was first established in 1919 as the successors to the Irish Volunteers, and were regarded as the legitimate army of the Irish Republic by the provisional national parliament Dáil Éireann. During the War of Independence, the IRA conducted low-level guerrilla warfare against the British, organised as small flying columns. Following the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty, the overwhelming majority of the IRA rejected the Treaty and thus fought the Irish Civil War on the Anti-Treaty side. The following works only relate to the IRA that fought in the War of Independence and certain works of the early Anti-Treaty IRA, and not any of the organisations that have styled themselves the Irish Republican Army since.


Four Courts Proclamation (1922)

Communique From The Four Courts (1922)

Suspension of Offensive (1923)

Proclamation of the Irish Republic (1939)