From An Claidheamh Soluis, October 21, 1905.

Éamonn Ceannt writes to us as follows: –

I was interested to read your notes in last week’s CLAIDHEAMH with reference to the question of how far the League has succeeded in making good speakers of Irish. My own opinion is that a really large number of people have acquired a better knowledge of the language than it would have been possible for them to acquire in the same period of a foreign language such as French or German. In addition, I believe there are scattered throughout the country a considerable number of grown people who have reached a really remarkable degree of proficiency. To prove to the pessimists that such is the case, I have just suggested to the Oireachtas Committee the establishment of a competition at future festivals in which a gold medal would be awarded to the best adult non-native speaker of Irish. Up to the present the youngest folk have been encouraged by similar competitions at the expense of the grown-ups. I think it is time the latter were looked after. I have also suggested the establishment of a competition on similar lines at Feis Laighean agus Midhe, and I think if such a competition were established at the different Feiseanna, and applicants were submitted to a rigorous oral examination, our friends the pessimists above referred to would soon be routed, horse, foot, and artillery.