Éamonn Ceannt

Éamonn Ceannt (1881-1916) was one of the Seven Signatories of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic that fought in the Easter Rising of 1916. Born in Ballymoe, County Galway to a devoutly Catholic family, Ceannt joined the Gaelic League in 1899, disinterestedly devoting himself to the League and to the wider Irish language movement. In 1907, he would join the Dublin branch of Sinn Féin and by 1912, was sworn into the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Ceannt, like most of the other Signatories, was also involved in the Irish Volunteers. He was also a trade unionist who publicly supported worker lockouts. On Easter Week, Ceannt would be stationed at the South Dublin Union, where he engaged in a heroic defence against numerically superior British forces before the eventual surrender of the rebels. Ceannt was executed on 8 May 1916, at the age of 34.


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