Cumann na mBan.

Cumann na mBan (The Women’s Council) was an Irish republican woman’s paramilitary unit, founded in 1914 in concurrence with the Irish Volunteers. Acting as the women’s wing of the republican movement, around 200 women of Cumann na mBan would participate in the Easter Rising of 1916, the most famous example being Constance Markiewicz, who narrowly escaped execution on account of her being a woman. In the War of Independence, Cumann na mBan transferred its loyalty to the successors of the Volunteers in the Irish Republican Army. Post-WOI, Cumann na mBan would become anti-Treaty and is today more generally associated with the dissident republican movement. The following documents of Cumann na mBan to be made available on the site only relate however to its role in the early 20th-century revolutionary period.


Constitution of Cumann na mBan (1914)