From The Irish Volunteer, April 11, 1914.


  1. To advance the cause of Irish liberty.
  2. To organise Irishwomen in furtherance of this object.
  3. To assist in arming and equipping a body of Irishmen for the defence of Ireland.
  4. To form a Fund for these purposes to be called “The Defence of Ireland Fund.”


  1. For the time being, the direction of the branches will be carried on by the Provisional Committee.
  2. Branches will be formed throughout the country, pledged to the Constitution, and directed in a general way by the Provisional Committee.
  3. Members will be expected, in addition to their local subscriptions, to support the “Defence of Ireland Fund” by subscription or otherwise.
  4. The affiliation Fee for branches shall be Five shillings per annum.


Mrs. John MacNeill, Mrs. Wyse Power, Madam O’Rahilly, Miss Agnes O’Farrelly, M.A.; Miss Tuohy, Miss MacDonagh O’Mahony, Miss Gavan Duffy, B.A; Mrs. Padraic Colum, B.A., Mary M Colum, B.A., Louise Gavan Duffy, B.A., Hon Secs.

Women of Irish birth or descent alone are eligible.