NEW YORK, Nov. 20 – Can it be possible? The announcement has just reached me that the IRISH PEOPLE will have seen the light before the end of November! All friends here to whom I have communicated this piece of news have hailed it with rapturous delight. My own delight is qualified by a feeling of self-reproach. I was slow of faith, and thought that my first letter would be time enough for your first number any time before the beginning of the new year. And now the mail which is to go by the “Edinburgh” tomorrow is about being closed. In my despair I tear out some leaves from a journal, which, in a desultory way, I have kept since I left home. Substitute blanks for the names of private individuals and, of course, you will draw the editorial pen across a good deal of trifling. After this I may hope that my “pencillings by the way” will prove interesting to some of your readers, and that these “leaves” will be accepted as a substitute for my promised letter for the first number of the IRISH PEOPLE.