Charles Joseph Kickham (9 May 1828 – 22 August 1882) was a journalist, novelist, poet, and President of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. A revolutionary from his boyhood he contributed to a number of Irish nationalist publications in his youth and made pikes in advance of the 1848 Rising. He went into hiding after the Rising failed. He was present during the formation of the Irish Republican Brotherhood in 1858. He was arrested while on the run after plans to organise another Rising were brought to the attention of Dublin Castle. He was released in a partial amnesty in 1869 due to his poor health. In 1873 he became President of the Irish Republican Brotherhood.


The Poetry of C. J. Kickham

The Harvest Moon (1848)


Why Irishmen Should Be Armed (1856)

Our Patriot Prelate (1862)

Leaves From A Journal (1863-64)

What Can Poor Ireland Do? (1863)

Irish Doctrinaires (1863)

Liberty Or Destruction (1864)

Ecclesiastical Authority (1864)

Priests And Politics (1864)

Dr. Cullen’s Late Pastoral (1864)

Pulpit Denunciations – Priests in Politics (1864)

Fenianism Metamorphosed (1865)

Priests In Politics (1865)

Charles Kickham’s Speech From The Dock (1866)

Oration at John O’Mahony’s Funeral (1877)

“Fenians” in Parliament (1878)

Charles Kickham’s Narrative of 1848 (1882)