The Flag of Newfoundland, unofficial, design first appeared in late 19th century.

Published in the Old Colony Song Book, 1904, edited by James Murphy. Lyrics originally written in 1902.

[HIS GRACE ARCHBISHOP HOWLEY, Roman Catholic Prelate of St. John’s, Newfoundland, was the writer of the following patriotic and exquisite poem on the flag of his native Island.—COMPILER.]

The pink, the rose
Of England shows,
The Green, St. Patrick’s emblem bright,
While, in between,
The spotless sheen
Of Andrew’s cross displays the White:
Then hail the Pink,
The White, the Green,
Our patriot-flag, long may it stand,
Our sirelands twine
Their emblems trine
To form the flag of Newfoundland!

CHORUS.—Fling out the flag
O’er creek and crag,
Pink, White and Green, so fair, so grand,
Long may it sway,
O’er bight and bay,
Around the shores of Newfoundland.

Whate’er betide
Our ‘Ocean-Bride’
That nestles ‘midst Atlantic’s foam,
Still far and wide,
We’ll raise with pride
Our Native Flag o’er hearth and home.
Should e’er the hand
Of Fate demand
Some future change in our career,
We ne’er will yield,
On flood or field,
The Flag we honour and revere.

CHORUS.—Fling out the Flag, etc.