Thomas Davis (1814-1845) was a poet, songwriter and the key figure of the Young Ireland movement, as well as helping to co-found the Nation newspaper with John Blake Dillon and Charles Gavan Duffy, which would act as the organ of the Irish nationalist movement throughout the 1840s. A prolific writer, his writings in particular focused on cultural nationalism and the preservation of the Irish language and culture. He died suddenly however at the age of 30 due to scarlet fever in 1845, his death a tragic loss to the emerging movement which he was a towering figure of.



The Parliament of James II.

Literary and Historical Essays

Political Articles

Poetical Works

Letters of a Protestant On Repeal

Address to the College Historical Society (1840)

The Foreign Policy of Ireland (1840)

Prospectus of The Nation (1842)

The Irish Language (1842-3)

The Anti-Irish Catholics (1843)


Ethnology of the Irish Race

Udalism and Feudalism

Native Swords