From State Papers published under the Authority of His Majesty’s Commission, King Henry The Eighth, published 1830. The letter has been rendered into modern English by the transcriber.

My trusty servant, I heartily commend me unto you. I pray you that you will deliver this other letter unto O’Brien. I have sent to him for £20 sterling, the which with he takes you (as I trust he will), than I will that you come over, and bring that onto my Lord Crumwell, that I may so have that. I never had any money, since I came into prison, but a noble, nor I have had neither hosen, doublet, nor shoes, nor shirt, but one; nor any other garment, but a single frieze gown, for a velvet furred with budge, and so I have gone wolward and barefoot, and bare-legged, divers times (when that hath not been very warm); and so I should have done still, and now, but that poor prisoners of their gentleness, hath sometimes given me old hosen, and shoes, and old shirts. This I write onto you, not as complaining on my friends, but for to show you the truth of my great need, that you should be the more diligent in going onto O’Brien, and in bringing me the before said £20, whereby I might the sooner have here money to buy me clothes, and also for to amend my slender comyns and fare, and for other necessaries. I will you take out of that you bring me, for your costs and labour. I pray you have me commended onto all my lovers and friends, and show them that I am in good health.