Reported in the Derry Journal, 20 June, 1932.

To-day we are not free. Tone’s ideal has not yet been realised. We have two regiments of the British Army, one dressed in khaki in the North, one dressed in green in the South, and the representatives of the English King in both places. The police are recruited from the anti-national element, and the C.I.D. have specially selected to carry out the Treason Act of 1925, which is still in force. The Civil Service is part of the old British machine, and through this machine England to-day rules Ireland. As long as these institutions exist England will be our master. No speech making or negotiations with Westminster will result in an honourable settlement for Ireland. Every Irishman must be appalled at the statement made by members of the Free State Assembly in support of the preservation of the Oath of Allegiance to the English King.

Tone’s work is not completed. This great achievement is to be the privilege which the soldiers of the Republic, and each man should be forever ready. He must be prepared to put all his available time and energy into the preparation for this work. I appeal to each young man here to join the Republican Army, and to each young woman to join the Cumann na mBan. Patriot soldiers have nothing to fear, for they live in a proud and true national position.