To Mr John Daly
15 Barrington Street

Kilmainham Jail
11th May 1916

My dear Daly,

Just a wee note to bid you goodbye. I expect in a few hours to join Tom and the other heroes in a better world. I have been sentenced to a soldier’s death, to be shot tomorrow morning.

I have nothing to say about this, only that I look on it as a part of the day’s work.

To die that the Irish Nation may live! Our blood will re-baptise and re-invigorate the Old Land. Knowing this, it is superfluous to say how happy I feel. I know now, what I always felt, that the Irish Nation can never die. Let present day placehunters condemn our action as they will, posterity will judge us right from the effects of our nation.

I know I will meet you soon, until then goodbye. God guard and protect you and all in No. 15. You have had a sore trial, but I know quite well that Mrs Daly and all the girls feel proud in spite of a little temporary and natural grief; that her son, and the girls their brother, as well as Tom, are included in the list of honours.

Kindly remember me specially to Mrs Clarke and tell her I am the same Sean that she always knew.

God bless you all,
As ever,
Sincerely yours,