Lord Edward FitzGerald (1763-1798) was a prominent member of the Society of United Irishmen. Born into Anglo-Irish aristocracy, FitzGerald served in the American Revolutionary War, and was near-mortally wounded at the Battle of Eutaw Springs, his life being saved by an African-American slave, Tony Small whom FitzGerald would nickname “Faithful Tony”, freeing him and employing Small for the rest of his life in gratitude. Upon returning to Ireland, he became an Irish Member of Parliament. FitzGerald became more revolutionary however, and in 1796 was sworn into the United Irishmen, taking part in negotiations with the French. Several days however before the 1798 rebellion was supposed to commence, FitzGerald’s hiding spot was raided, and in a desperate effort to flee, he was shot and arrested. Mortally wounded, FitzGerald died aged 34 at Newgate Prison on 4 June 1798.


Karonghyontye’s Letter To Lord Edward FitzGerald (1789)

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