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David Patrick Moran (1869-1936) was an Irish journalist and a key proponent of the Irish-Ireland movement. In his book, The Philosophy of Irish Ireland, Moran argues that to be Irish required use of the Irish language, membership of the Catholic Church, the playing of Gaelic games and living a Gaelic way of life as well as rejecting materialism and liberalism. Moran is also known for popularising the insults “shoneen” and “West Brit/West Briton” to describe anglophiles and Protestants. Editor of the Leader newspaper, Moran was a controversial figure in 20th-century Irish nationalism, unafraid to deviate away from the mainstream nationalist thought of his contemporaries.


The Lighter Side Of It (1899)

English Literature and Irish Humbug (1899)

The Blind Pelting the Blind (1900)

The Philosophy of Irish Ireland (1905)