This is a basic outline of our content policy, terms and conditions and privacy policy. This is subject to provision and may be updated or expanded upon at a later date.

Content Policy

  1. We shall only upload content when such works are assumed or known to be in the public domain stated under Irish and EU copyright law, in compliance with CreativeCommons or other relevant licensing, or with the express permission of the copyright holder.
  2. We do not hold any intellectual property or reproduction rights regarding any of the texts available on the website.
  3. If any content on the website is believed to be infringing, a DMCA request contact form is available on site and if such content is proven to be infringing, then it will be removed from the site. We trust that any DMCA requests are made in good faith and without any malicious intent.
  4. No content from any active proscribed organisation or its members shall be uploaded onto the site. Certain exceptions to this rule can apply, for instance documents of historical importance from the early 20th-century revolutionary period.
  5. Content which may include grossly offensive material, opinions, slurs etc shall be uploaded only if (i) such material is incidental to the general bibliography of the author or (ii) such content offers a legitimate and important historical context. Certain authors and organisations shall not be uploaded onto the site if their work is considered grossly offensive on the whole.

Terms and Conditions

  1. We, as a general principle, require very few terms and conditions regarding the use of our website. That being said, the website itself is protected by copyright.
  2. Users are free to re-use any works where no visible copyright notice exists from the archive for any use without restriction. We do however discourage mass scraping by bots.
  3. All PDFs created and compiled by the website are committed to the public domain, excepting those where copyright licensing may apply. Reasonable attribution via a direct link to the website would be appreciated, though not obligatory.
  4. Where copyright is believed to apply to certain works, a visible copyright notice will be available outlining the rights and responsibilities of the user in following the license. We will not be held liable or responsible as a website if users fail to oblige with these terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

  1. Cookies are used on the website, however require the user’s consent and via the cookie settings, users have the right to determine what cookies they consent to.
  2. A name (either of the organisation or person), home address and email address is required to submit DMCA requests. A name (either personal or pseudonym) and an email address is required to reach us via our contact form.