Q. What is An Chartlann?

We are an independently run archive that focuses on preserving Irish historical works into a central, free-to-use and easily accessible format.

Q. In what formats are texts available?

Texts are available to view on the website (akin to the format of CELT) or can be viewed in a .pdf file, depending on the reader’s preference.

Q. Why is X author not available on the website?

Unless otherwise permitted, we can only publish material in the public domain, which usually comes into effect 70 years after the author’s death, or to publish works with the express permission of the copyright holder.

Q. Are there Irish-language texts available on An Chartlann?

Yes. There is a growing collection of texts available in Irish, either bilingual or in Irish only. Irish texts are either in Latin or sean-chló depending on the source material.

Q. There is a typographical or formatting error in one of the texts? How do I report this?

You can reach us through either our social media or through the contact form available on the About page. All feedback is greatly appreciated as it helps us to improve our service.

Q. Can I volunteer to help transcribe material?

Yes. We are eager for any and all help in regard to transcribing and scanning material, and you can reach us on social media.

Q. Do you publish any material in print?

Yes. You can check us out at Cló Fiann, where we plan to publish classic Irish literary and historical works that are currently out of print, hard to obtain, or prohibitively expensive available to the public. All works available on Cló Fiann are available to read online, free of charge, at An Chartlann.

Q. Can I reproduce the works made available on the site?

Yes. We do not hold intellectual property or redistribution rights to any of the material hosted on the site. Virtually all texts featured in the public domain, and are free to redistribute and reproduce without restriction. Where exceptions may be applicable, a copyright notice will be made visible.