Irish History Bitesize! on Twitter: "#Otd 1797: Execution of William Orr  (30/1), member of United Irishmen. @pciassembly farming family. Falsely  charged with administering U.I. oath to a soldier. Buried in  #Templepatrick, Co #

William Orr (1766-1797) was a member of the United Irishmen in Ulster who was convicted of high treason for allegedly administering the United Irishmen oath to a soldier named Hugh Wheatly. In what has always been suspected to have been a sham trial, Orr was sentenced to death and executed at Carrickfergus. His Speech From The Dock became one of the great speeches in Irish history and Orr became a martyr in United Irishmen folklore. When Ulster rose in rebellion the following year, the rallying cry “Remember Orr” was used.


Speech From The Dock (1797)