Unknown Author

Authors whose real identities are unknown to us are listed here.

Poems and Ballads

Betsy Gray

Bold Robert Emmet

The Boys of the Braid

By Memory Inspired

The Faith of Tone

General Munroe

Glorious 69th!

The Green Linnet

John Mitchel, Patriot and Exile

Johnny Grey

The Rebel’s Grave

Siúil, a Rún (c. 1800s)


Tone Is Coming Back Again

Kelly’s Irish Brigade (c. 1861)

No Irish Need Apply (c. 1862)

The Transvaal Volkslied (1899)


Articles of The Irish Tribune‘s Faith (1848) by The Irish Tribune

The Rights of Labour (1848) by The Irish Tribune

Athletics (1884) by The Irishman

For God and Ireland (1886) by ‘The Evicted Tenant’

Sinn Féin (1898) by Fáinne an Lae

Cosmopolitanism and Patriotism (1899) by ‘Kilmacanogue’

Inspirations from Mitchel (1899) by “Seaghán Dubh”

Ireland and Norway (1906) by ‘R. O’K.’

Irish or Infidelity, Which? (1909) by ‘A Priest.’

The Convict’s Dream (1911) by ‘Graves O’Mara’

Press Cuttings: 1914 (1912) by The Irish Review

An Irish Psychology (1913) by “Mughdhorn”

Notice to the People of Wexford (1915) by Scissors and Paste

Ireland’s Independence Day (1919) by Nationality