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The Society of United Irishmen was founded in 1791 originally as a constitutional liberal organisation focused on agitation for parliamentary reform, however evolved into a revolutionary secret society committed to Irish republicanism, a tradition within Irish nationalism of which they were the progenitors of. Heavily inspired by the French Revolution, they rebelled against England twice; once in 1798 and again in 1803, both ending in failure. Its prominent members and leaders were Wolfe Tone, Robert Emmet, Lord Edward Fitzgerald, Thomas Russell, William Drennan and Henry Joy McCracken.


The Poetry and Balladry of ’98

Manifesto To The Friends of Freedom in Ireland (1791)

Declaration of the Volunteers of Belfast (1791)

Declaration of the United Irishmen (1791)

Resolutions of the United Irishmen of Dublin (1792)

Bolg an tSolair (1795)

Constitution of the United Irishmen (1797)

Proclamation To Citizens of Dublin (1803)

MacNeven’s Proclamation (1804)