Thomas Clarke (1858-1916) was a leader of the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) and one of the organisers of the 1916 Easter Rising. A veteran Fenian, Clarke worked with the IRB for most of his adult life which lead to him serving fifteen years in prison in 1883. After his release, he worked closely with Seán Mac Diarmada and formed the Military Committee of the IRB in 1915 which headed the planning of the 1916 Rising. Being the first signatory, he was one of the sixteen executed. In 1922, his work “Glimpses of an Irish Felon’s Prison Life” was posthumously published which detailed the treatment of Fenian prisoners and his experience in the British prison system.


Letter To John Devoy (1914)

Tom Clarke’s Oration at Bodenstown (1914)

Glimpses of an Irish Felon’s Prison Life (1922)