From The United Irishmen: Their Lives and Times by R.R Madden, 1842.


Head Quarters, July 24, 1803.

Men of Ireland! Once more in arms to assert the rights of mankind and liberate your country! You see by the secrecy with which this effort has been conducted, and by the multitudes in all parts of Ireland, who are engaged in executing this great object, that your provisional government has acted with wisdom. You will see, that in Dublin, in the West, in the South, that the blow has been struck in the same moment. Your enemies can no more withstand, than they could foresee, this mighty exertion.

The proclamation and regulations will show, that your interest and honour have been considered. Your general, appointed by that government in this district, has only to exhort you strongly to comply with these regulations. Your valour is well known; be as just and humane as you are brave, and then rely with confidence in God – that he, with whom alone is victory, will crown your efforts with success.

The General orders that hostages shall be secured in all quarters, and hereby apprises the English commander, that outrages, contrary to the acknowledged laws of war and morality, shall be retaliated in the severest manner. And he further makes known, that such Irish, as in ten days from the date of this, are found in arms against their country, shall be treated as rebels, committed for trial, and their properties confiscated, but all men behaving peaceably shall be under the protection of the law.