From The Irish Felon (Vo. 3), 8 July, 1848

Mr. Reilly has addressed the following letters to the Under-Secretary and the Attorney-General: –


Mosapher Lodge, Rathmines, 6th July, 1848.

Mr. T. Devin Reilly hereby informs the Attorney-General that he has this day sent the letter, of which the enclosed is a copy, to the Under-Secretary at the
The Attorney-General.


Mosapher Lodge, Rathmines, 6th July, 1848

SIR, – I understand that a warrant has been issued for the apprehension of Mr. Martin, for the publication of an article, or articles, alleged to be felonious, in the IRISH FELON newspaper, to which I have hitherto been a contributor.

I am, as yet, unaware what precise articles these are; but if I am the author of them, or any of them, I now hereby offer to avow the authorship, and to assume the entire responsibility which may devolve upon all connected with their publication; and to surrender myself to you, or to any other officer of the English government, whenever and wheresoever you may appoint, on the sole and express condition that the warrant against Mr. Martin shall be withdrawn, and that no prosecution shall be instituted against him for any past publication in THE FELON newspaper.

I owe it to Mr. Martin to state, that I write this letter without his knowledge, and I am certain, when he shall know of it, entirely against his wish; but I consider myself bound in justice and honour to adopt this course.

I shall forward a copy of this note to the Attorney-General.

I have the honour, &c.,