Little is known about Tadhg Ó Dálaigh, other than he was a bard belonging to the famed Ó Dálaigh bardic family who lived during the eighteenth century. Tadhg may have been of the Ó Dálaighs that had settled in Munster. Very little is known of Tadhg’s life or work however a surviving dirge of his exists titled Tadhg MacDiarmada Óig Uí Dhálaigh Cecinit, a lament written about Connor O’Driscoll, the son of Finghin, chieftan of the O’Driscolls of modern-day Collymore in County Cork, republished in the Miscellany of the Celtic Society in 1849.


Taḋg MacDiarmada Óig Uí Ḋálaigh Cecinit (circa. 18th century)