Chapter I

Some Remarks on Witchcraft in Ireland

Chapter II

A.D. 1324
Dame Alice Kyteler, The Sorceress of Kilkenny

Chapter III

A.D. 1223 – 1583
The Kyteler Case and its surroundings of sorcery and heresy—Michael Scot—The Fourth Earl of Desmond—James I and the Irish Prophetess—A sorcery accusation of 1447—Witchcraft trials in the sixteenth century—Statutes dealing with the subject—Eye-biters—The enchanted Earl of Desmond

Chapter IV

A.D. 1606-1656
A clerical wizard—Witchcraft cured by a relic—Raising the Devil in Ireland—How he was cheated by a Doctor of Divinity—Stewart and the Fairies—Rev. Robert Blair and the Man possessed with a Devil—Strange occurrences near Limerick—Apparitions of murdered people at Portadown—Charmed lives—Visions and portents—Petition of a bewitched Antrim man in England—Archbishop Ussher’s prophecies—Mr. Browne and the locked chest

Chapter V

A.D. 1661
Florence Newton, the Witch of Youghal

Chapter VI

A.D. 1662-1686
The Devil at Damerville—And at Ballinagarde—Taverner and Haddock’s ghost—Hunter and the ghostly old woman—A witch rescued by the Devil—Dr. Williams and the haunted house in Dublin—Apparitions [Pg vii]seen in the air in co. Tipperary—A clergyman and his wife bewitched to death—Bewitching of Mr. Moor—The fairy-possessed butler—A ghost instigates a prosecution—Supposed witchcraft in co. Cork—The Devil among the Quakers

Chapter VII

A.D. 1688
An Irish-American Witch

Chapter VIII

A.D. 1689-1720
Portent on entry of James II—Witchcraft in co. Antrim—Traditional version of same—Events preceding the Island-Magee witch-trial—The trial itself—Dr. Francis Hutchinson

Chapter IX

Mary Butters, the Carnmoney witch—Ballad on her—The Hand of Glory—A journey through the air—A “witch” in 1911—Some modern illustrations of cattle- and milk-magic—Transference of disease by a cailleach—Burying the sheaf—J.P.’s Commission—Conclusion