From State Papers published under the authority of the Majesty’s Commission, King Henry the Eighth, published 1830.

My special and well-beloved friend, I heartily commend me onto you. And I beseech and pray you to deliver and send me by this bearer, my trust servant, John Rothe, £20 sterling, upon the plate that you have in custody of mine. And in so doing you shall show me very great kindness and pleasure, for I have now very great need. Also I beseech you, that you do not break nor square with the Deputy, but rather agree with him. And also I beseech you to help and aid him in the King’s business, if he have need; and so shall you do the King’s Grace pleasure, the which you may be sure His Grace will both remember and reward, and in so doing you shall also bind me to do for you anything, that shall lie in my power.

By your loving friend,