The following letters are taken from an article in the Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Volume 5, titled “Original Letters in the Irish and Latin Languages, by Shane O’Neill, Prince of Tyrone, and Proclamation of High Treason against Him by Queen Elizabeth.” The article is available as part of JSTOR’s Early Journal Content and can be freely redistributed on the conditions that JSTOR is attributed and the work redistributed for non-commercial purposes only. The full article, which includes a preface by the Gaelic scholar John O’Donovan and Queen Elizabeth’s proclamation of high treason against Shane O’Neill can be read here.

 The footnotes contained as part of this work are originally John O’Donovan’s.



Shane O’Neill to Queen Elizabeth, 1 July 1561

Shane O’Neill to Queen Elizabeth, 17 July 1561

Shane O’Neill to the Earl of Sussex

Shane O’Neill to the Baron of Slane