Séamas Dall Mac Cuarta (c. 1647? – 1733) was a poet who founded a school of poetry in south Ulster and north Leinster. His school attracted a number of followers who were likely consciously resisting the anglicisation of the period. His poetry is reflective of the political situation at the time: praises are heaped upon those who resist English conquest, while the English are scorned and condemned; one of his most known works, ‘Tuireadh Shomhairle Mhic Dhomhnaill’, is a eulogy composed for a Catholic leader who fell at the Battle of Aughrim. In the words of Nollaig Ó Muraíle, ‘Mac Cuarta’s poetry reflects a familiarity with Irish literature and history, the classics (Greek and Latin), and the Bible.’ The ‘Dall’ in his name refers to blindness or possibly to poor-sight.


Dúithche Chréamhaoin nó Grianán Bhaile Uí Cheallaigh

Tuireadh Shomhairle Mhic Dhomnaill

Barún Bhaile Shláinghe

Gearrán Bhriain Uí Bheirn

Comhairle Shéamuis Mhic Cuarta do Bheitigh Ní Mharcaigh, Bean Leanna

Bhaillseach Bhaile Fágán

An Dán Breac

Is Fada Mé ’mo Luí i Lughbhaidh

Beannacht Bóinne

Fáilte ’on Éan

Ceithre Ráithe Na Bliana

Toigh Chorra

An Londubh Báite