Rós Ní Dhochartaigh (c.1558-1660) a member of Clann Uí Dhochartaigh, traditional rulers of Inis Eoghain. She was first married to Cathbarr Ó Domhnaill and left Ireland with him in 1607 as part of the Flight of the Earls. Cathbarr died of a fever in Italy the next year. She married Eoghan Ruadh Ó Néill in 1613 or 1614. She met him on Flanders while he was serving in the Spanish military. In 1642 she returned to Ireland as Eoghan left Spanish service to fight for the Irish Confederacy, arriving some time after he had already landed. The Irish cause was not successful and, Eoghan having died of natural causes during the Cromwellian conquest, she left for the Continent again. She died in Brussels in 1660 where she was buried.


Litir chuig Sagart Anaithnid (1642)