From A Contemporary History of Affairs in Ireland, from 1641 to 1652 edited by John T. Gilbert, published in 1879.

Dilecto filio Eugenio Onello.

Dilecte fili salutem. Nullam praetermittere soles occasionem, qua non maiorum tuorum vestigijs insistens eximium zelum, et propagandae Ecclesiae studium perspectum facis, idque luculenter in praesentia praestitisti in Hiberniam profiscici cogitans, vt Catholicorum rationibus praesto sis. Qua mob rem pergratae nobis aduenerunt literae, quibus huiusmodi itineris deliberationem declaras, et rei feliciter gerendae principium a caelesti ope auspicatus, nom minus humiliter quam religiose Apostolicam benedictionem a nobis postulas. Praeclarum hune in te ardorem, et constantiam aduersus haereticos, et verae fidei animum non parum laudamus; tuaeque iampridem pietatis conscij a te expectamus in hac opportunitate strenui atque excelsi roboris documenta, quae antehac singularem nominis famam tibi compararunt. Illorum pariter commendamus consilium, quos tuo excitans exemplo significasti. Speramus autem fore, vt Altissimus tuae causae praesto sit, vt notam faciat in populis virtutem suam. Interim, vt confidentius cuncta aggrediamini, nos diuinam clementiam indesinenter orantes, vt aduersariorum conatus in nihilium redigat; tibi, caeterisque Catholicorum rem in praedicto regno curaturis nostrum libenter impartiniur benedictionem; universique et singulis, si vere poenitentes confessi fuerint, et Sacra Communione (si fieri possit) debite refecti, plenariam suorum peccatorum veniam et remissionem; atque in mortis articulo indulgentiam etiam plenariam elargimur.

Datum Rome sub annulo Piscatoris die 8. Octobris 1642. Pontificatus nostri anno 20.


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To dear son Eugene O’Neill,

Beloved son, greetings. You do not fail to seize any opportunity, by following in the footsteps of your ancestors, to show an outstanding zeal and a desire to propagate the Church, which you have demonstrated clearly by considering a journey to Ireland in order to assist the Catholic cause. We were pleased to receive your letter in which you declared your intention to undertake such a journey, and that you have begun it under the auspices of heavenly aid. You have not hesitated to humbly and religiously ask for the Apostolic blessing from us. We greatly commend your fervor and steadfastness against the heretics, and your true faith, and we expect from you, who are already well-known for your piety, powerful and vigorous actions in this opportunity, which have previously earned you a singular reputation. We also commend those whom you have influenced by your example. We hope that the Almighty will be present to your cause, to make his power known to the people. In the meantime, we pray for divine mercy unceasingly, so that you may proceed with confidence, and so that the efforts of your adversaries may be brought to nothing. We gladly impart our blessing to you and to all those who care for the affairs of the Catholics in the aforementioned kingdom; we grant full remission of their sins and indulgence in the hour of death to all those who are truly repentant, have confessed, and have duly received the Holy Communion, if possible.

Given in Rome, under the Piscatory Ring, on October 8th, 1642, in the twentieth year of our pontificate.