From The Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts (1589-1600), preserved in the archiepiscopal library at Lambeth, page 523.

To the archbishops, bishops, prelates, chiefs, earls, barons and people of Ireland. – Whereas, encouraged by the exhortations of our predecessors and ourself, you have long struggled to recover and preserve your liberty, – first under James Geraldine, of good memory, who endeavoured to throw off the yoke of slavery imposed on you by the English, deserters from the Holy Roman Church, – then under John Geraldine, cousin of the said James, – and lastly under our beloved son, Hugh O’Neale, styled Earl of Tyrone, Baron Dungannon, and captain general of the Catholic army in Ireland; we grant to all of you who follow and assist the said Hugh and the Catholic army, if you truly repent and confess, and if possible receive the holy communion, plenary pardon, and remission of all sins, – as usually granted to those setting out to the war against the Turks for the recovery of the Holy Land. A copy hereof, subscribed by a public notary and sealed by a dignitary of the Church, shall have the same validity as these presents.

Rome, 18 April 1600, ninth year of our pontificate
Signed: M. Vestrius Barbianus.