Catholic Church in Ireland - Wikipedia

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest Christian faith in the island of Ireland, professed by 78% of the population in the South and 40% of the population in the North. Throughout its history, the Catholic Church has held both nationalist and anti-nationalist stances. It generally favoured native Irish Catholic resistance to Protestant English rule during the Nine Years’ War and Irish Confederate Wars, yet would oppose more secular republican movements such as the United Irishmen, Young Irelanders and the Fenians. Some of the clergy however would take up roles as language activists, tenant right activists, parliamentary nationalists, and even in rare cases, committed republicans. The following texts relate mostly to correspondence or official decrees given by various Popes or officials of the Holy See which reflect the altering opinions of the Church hierarchy towards Irish nationalism at various times throughout history.


Papal Bull of Indulgence from Pope Clement VIII (1600)

Letter by Pope Urban VIII to Eoghan Ruadh Ó Néill (1642)

Excommunication of the Irish Republican Brotherhood by Pope Pius XI (1870)

Declaration of the Irish Hierarchy Against Conscription (1918)