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Roger Casement (1864-1916) was originally a diplomat who worked for the British Foreign Office and a human rights investigator, having uncovered abuses in the Congo and Peru. Disillusioned with British imperialism, he gradually converted to Irish republicanism and was principally responsible for organising negotiations with Germany for foreign aid, although remained unaware of the Easter Rising until very late. He was ultimately arrested in County Kerry, having returned from Germany, in the early hours of 21 April 1916, and charged with high treason and sabotage against the Crown. He was executed on 3 August 1916 at Pentonville Prison, London.


The Crime Against Ireland and How The War May Right It (1914)

Some Poems of Roger Casement

The Language of the Outlaw (1906)

Ireland and the German Menace (1912)

Chivalry (1914)

From Clontarf To Berlin: National Status in Sport (1914)

Letter To The Irish People, 17th September 1914

Irish-German Treaty (1914)

Speech From The Dock (1916)