Robert Emmet (1778-1803) was a member of the Society of United Irishmen and the leader of the 1803 Irish Rebellion. Following the 1798 Rebellion, Emmet helped to reorganise the United Irishmen and plotted a second rebellion against British rule, devising a provisional government as well in the process. The rebellion failed, and Emmet was captured, sentenced to death and hanged. His Speech From The Dock is one of the most famous orations given in Irish nationalism.



Early Poetry

Speeches of Robert Emmet

Proclamation of the Irish Republic, July 23rd, 1803

Letter to Sarah Curran, September 1803

Speech From The Dock, 19 September 1803

Account of the Late Plan of Insurrection in Dublin, And Cause of its Failure (1803)

Letter to John Philpot Curran (1803)

Letter to Richard Curran (1803)

Letter to Thomas Addis Emmet (1803)

Letter to William Wickham (1803)