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Napoleon I (1769-1821) was one of the greatest statesmen and warriors in world history, becoming the de facto leader of the French Republic in 1799, and Emperor of the French in 1804. During his reign, the United Irishmen, many of whose leaders were living in exile in Paris, were attempting to gain French support for an invasion and the removal of British rule in Ireland. Napoleon through his correspondence favoured an expedition into Ireland, and became venerated as one of England’s greatest foes by the Irish. How he was remembered amongst Irish republican contemporaries however is a point of contention, admired by some and generally disliked by others. The writings of Napoleon available are those relating to his views and plans for Ireland.


Resolutions Against The Government of Hamburg (1798)

Letter To The Burgomasters and Senate of Hamburg (1798)

First Consul’s Response to Thomas Addis Emmet (1803)

Letter To Marshal Berthier (1804)

Letter To Minister of Marine (1804)

Speech to the Irish Parliament on the Wrongs of Ireland and India