Imperial Hotel, Dublin,
Dec 21st, 1884.

MY DEAR MR CUSACK – I accept with great pleasure the position of patron which has been assigned me by the Gaelic Athletic Association, though I am painfully conscious of how little assistance I can render to you in your most praiseworthy undertaking. Anything, however, which it is in my power to do to further the objects of the association I will most willingly perform, as I cannot but recognize the urgent necessity which exists for a movement like that which you are organizing with such zeal. I have already explained to you my view upon Gaelic sports, and hinted at plans by which a national taste for them might be cultivated. I have, therefore, only to express my obligations to yourself and friends for the honour conferred upon me, and to repeat the assurance of my entire sympathy with the objects of the Gaelic Athletic Association.

Yours, very truly,