Portrait of Mary Jane O'Donovan Rossa

Mary Jane O’Donovan Rossa (1845-1916) was an Irish republican poet, activist and the husband of the Fenian Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa. Born in Clonakilty, County Cork to a nationalist family before marrying O’Donovan Rossa, who was from nearby Skibbereen in 1864. Her brothers were sworn into the Irish Republican Brotherhood by her husband and she would contribute poetry and verse to The Irish People, which he was manager of. Following her husband’s arrest and conviction, she became a leading figure in the Fenian amnesty movement before emigrating to the United States with her husband and children following his exile. Upon her husband’s death in 1915, she returned to Ireland with his remains and was present at Glasnevin Cemetery for his funeral. She would die several months after the Easter Rising at her home in New York City, having contributed a final poem to the memory of Pádraig Pearse.


Telegram to Dublin, July 22nd, 1915

Letter to the O’Donovan Rossa Funeral Committee (1915)