Lethan came on to his ford on the Nith(?) in Conaille. He waited himself to meet Cú Chulainn. It vexed him what Cú Chulainn had done. Cú Chulainn cuts off his head and left it, hence it is Ath Lethan on the Nith. And their chariots broke in the battle on the ford by him; hence it is Ath Carpat. Mulcha, Lethan’s charioteer, fell on the shoulder of the hill that is between them; hence is Gulo Mulchai. While the hosts were going over Mag Breg, he struck(?) their — still.1

Yet that was the Morrigan in the form of a bird on the pillar in Temair Cuailnge; and she spoke to the Bull:

‘Does the Black know,’ etc.2

Then the Bull went, and fifty heifers with him, to Sliab Culind; and his keeper, Forgemen by name, went after him. He threw off the three fifties of boys who used always to play on him, and he killed two-thirds of his boys, and dug a trench in Tir Marcceni in Cualnge before he went.

1 Something apparently missing here. The passage in LL is as follows: ‘It is the same day that the Morrigan, daughter of Ernmas, came from the Sid, so that she was on the pillar in Temair Cuailnge, taking a warning to the Dun of Cualnge before the men of Ireland, and she began to speak to him, and “Good, O wretched one, O Dun of Cualnge,” said the Morrigan, “keep watch, for the men of Ireland have reached thee, and they will take thee to their camp unless thou keepest watch”; and she began to take a warning to him thus, and uttered her words on high.’ (The Rhetoric follows as in LU.)

2 A Rhetoric.