Paris, Tuesday, October 30th.
1st Year of the Republic, 1792.


I know you will be surprised to hear from me here, – do not be uneasy. This town is as quiet as possible, and for me a most interesting scene. I would not have missed seeing it at this period for any thing. I stopped a day at Boulogne with the dear **, and you may guess how glad I was to see her. I told her not to tell you I was here, as I did not intend to let you know it; but, upon consideration, I think it better you should. I arrived last Friday.

I lodge with my friend Paine, – we breakfast, dine, and sup together. The more I see of his interior, the more I like and respect him. I cannot express how kind he is to me; there is a simplicity of manner, a goodness of heart, and a strength of mind in him, that I never knew a man before possess. I pass my time very pleasantly, read, walk, and go quietly to the play. I have not been to see any one, nor shall not. I often want you, dearest mother, but I should not have been able to bear Tunbridge for any time. The present scene occupies my thoughts a great deal, and dissipates unpleasant feelings very much.

Give my love to Ogilvie and the girls. I think he would be much entertained and interested if he was here. I can compare it to nothing but Rome in its days of conquest. The energy of the people is beyond belief. There is no news that the Morning Chronicle does not tell you, so I won’t repeat. I go a great deal to the Assembly; they improve much in speaking.

God bless you, dearest mother. Believe me,
Your affectionate, &c.

Let me know if I can do any thing for you here.

Direct – Le citoyen Edouard Fitzgerald, Hôtel de White, au Passage des Petits, près du Palais Royal.