Liam Mellows, known also by his Irish name Liam Ó Maoilíosa, was an Irish nationalist, soldier, and elected politician. Born 25 May 1892 in England to a British Army father he moved to Ireland at a young age. Already a nationalist at a young age, he was recruited into Na Fianna Éireann by Tom Clarke. He was very active in the early days of the Irish Ireland movement and become active in the IRB and Irish Volunteers. His company of Na Fianna participated in the Howth gun running. He led attacks in the west of Ireland during the Easter Rising and escaped to America after the surrender. Returning again to Ireland he fought in the War of Independence. He fought against the Treaty and was executed by the Free State after his capture 8 December 1922 in Mountjoy Prison.


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Liam Mellows’ Final Letter To His Mother (1922)